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Status Update & Upcoming Test
by Shiro 2 days, 18 hours ago
Next test-period is going to start this Saturday. We're also obsoleting the better estimation topic in favor of the more detailed github issue tracker.
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June 5 Test
by Shiro 26 days, 21 hours ago
Our test that started on June 5 has now concluded. Thanks to everyone that participated in this test. It was our longest so far I think, going on for 47 hours.
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April 20 Test
by Shiro 73 days, 17 hours ago
The test that started 18:00 UTC monday lasted for 24 hours. Thanks to everyone that helped us with the testing.
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Our test on March 31
by Shiro 93 days, 19 hours ago
Got quite some crashes, which we expected. Although once we had live fixed a few of them the server became more stable than we had anticipated. It's possible we could've gone for a longer test than we did, but neither Nim nor I had prepared for an overnight test, so we brought the server down when we went to sleep.
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Webpage Changes
by Shiro 155 days, 15 hours ago
Our host received a complaint about our webpage allegedly infringing on copyright from a third party company acting on behalf of Blizzard. To make sure there's no doubt that is not the case nor intent, we've removed some graphical elements from the webpage. Anyone willing to help us replace the removed graphics can contact us at irc.
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Planned Downtime
by Shiro 194 days, 14 hours ago
We're going to move our webpage to a new host, following the recent downtime we had (explained below). As such we have an upcoming planned downtime starting Mon, 22/12/2014 - 19:00 UTC. The planned downtime is expected to last 24 hours, but could last up to a few days.
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Assessment after first 24 hour test
by Shiro 207 days, 15 hours ago
A few hours ago we finished our first 24 hour test, and despite some bumps and hurdles I'm pleased with the outcome. One of the goals of this test was evaluating whether or not we're going to make our 2014 deadline.
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Intruder alert, Intruder alert!
by Shiro 260 days, 14 hours ago
When I woke up today I saw that a security fix was released for Drupal yesterday that both bab and I had missed. The exploit was a pre-auth SQL Injection Vulnerability which, if exploited, would allow the attacker to insert arbitrary data in the database, and through that execute PHP code without any previous power.
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A crash course in crashes
by Shiro 274 days, 20 hours ago
In this post I'd like to shed some light and give a quick introduction to what crashes are, and how they affect testing as there's been quite some people asking me questions on this topic. Instead of answering each person individually we decided to make this hopefully informative blog post.
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Spell Delay
by Shiro 329 days, 18 hours ago
The last few days I've spent implementing spell delay the way it exists on retail. All the way back from vanilla until today, spells have had a slight delay between the moment they connect with their target, and the moment they do their actual effect.
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