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Just an Update
by Shiro 207 days, 18 hours ago
Hello, guys. Some people have asked me to write another news post, so I thought I'd write a paragraph or two about what Nim and I are working on at the moment.
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Karazhan open for everyone
by Shiro 254 days, 6 hours ago
We've decided to open Karazhan for everyone on our test server. The rationale is basically that we've stopped seeing new bugs pop up during our supervised testing, but we still have groups that want to run it. So we would end up spending a lot of time in there, and we figured it'd be easier on us to just open it public for everyone.
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Test Update, December
by Shiro 269 days, 8 hours ago
We have 3 bosses left to test in SSC, then our raids have been fully tested. So we will not shutdown the server yet. However, our host has released a new set of VPS instances, and there's one that works for us that's 30% of the price of the one we've been using up until now (we had to pay extra for a lot of computation power when we really just needed more RAM than the other instances offered).
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Raid Testing Continued
by Shiro 298 days, 19 hours ago
Thanks to the guilds and groups that signed up for our raid testing all of Tier 4 (Karahzan, Gruul and Magtheridon) has been properly tested & debugged, and is now release ready.
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Raid testing plans & another month of testing
by Shiro 331 days, 20 hours ago
Another generous fellow has donated to the server (I won't mention his name as he hasn't yet said he'd like to be mentioned) so that we can keep it up another month. The extra month fits well into our schedule as we've now decided how we'd like to do raid testing.
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Test update
by Shiro 362 days, 17 hours ago
The test server was initially planned to go down September 1st. However, a tester, Netherspite, told us that he wanted more time for testing and offered to pay for another month of server time. Since the test server requires very little attention, and we're able to develop just fine alongside it, we saw no reason to decline.
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Next test
by nIM 391 days, 12 hours ago
This Thursday on the 6th of August, 16:00 UTC we will be setting up a new test with the focus being on PvP.
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The July 4th test is now over
by Shiro 417 days, 15 hours ago
The test has now concluded. Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped us out with the testing.
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Status Update & Upcoming Test
by Shiro 423 days, 15 hours ago
Next test-period is going to start this Saturday. We're also obsoleting the better estimation topic in favor of the more detailed github issue tracker.
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June 5 Test
by Shiro 447 days, 17 hours ago
Our test that started on June 5 has now concluded. Thanks to everyone that participated in this test. It was our longest so far I think, going on for 47 hours.
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